Last weekend, lesson of life learned:

1. to keep healthy is one VERY TOP priority in your life.
2. Should never EVER drink 6~7 glass within 1 hour
3. Especially when you are "mixing" them....
4. NEVER get too excited and join "drinking" with a guy: they can hold their liquor WAY better than you can. REMEMBER this!
5. Remember above 4 points, OR DIE.

NEVER EVER will I want to experience this AGAIN!!

To stay pretty like this as long as I can.:I have no problem with this! Don't trash yourself!

Lesson learned. And remember, not to do it again. :)
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  • NaughtyGent
  • Gosh, you look beautiful no matter what...

    were you drinking wine, water, tequila, voka, beer or something else?
    If it is water, it should be fine. Mixing anything else is like a high school chemistry experiment.
    It can go kaboom!