Cute Brenda: 3.5 years old.

這個表情! 到底是開心還是痛苦????

這個是..三個分處於不同時空的女人 (感覺不太像在同一個時空中 各自做各自的....somehow caught in the same photo)


?!!!! where's your eye?

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  • 三個分處於不同時空的女人???
    Hmmm.... indeed.

    By the way, what do people in Taiwan like to pose 2 when they are taking pictures?
  • Stip
  • pic # 2 got the most interesting facial expression...
    it looked like as if someone was asking her to smile to pose for the photo shoot... even though she wasn't completely ready... but she did it anyway...

    By the way, the pink sweater dress looks great on you... gosh, you look nice in any dress... amazing.
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