HP outfits “Project Runway” with stylish PCs

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HP recently announced a product integration with Intel on the hit show “Project Runway,” which airs on the U.S. network Lifetime Television. The show has made HP’s touch-enabled PCs and notebooks an integral part of the creative process throughout its new season.

Contestants on the seventh season of "Project Runway" will, for the first time in the history of the series, have the option to use computers to sketch designs and inspire their work. Featured on the show will be HP TouchSmart PCs and TouchSmart tm2 notebooks that convert into slates on which the designers can draw. Throughout the season, viewers can expect to see designers trade in traditional sketchpads and pens for these HP PCs. Using HP’s touch-enabled products gives the designers greater freedom to experiment with design mock-ups for each challenge. In addition, the “Project Runway” season winner will receive a $50,000 (USD) technology suite from HP and Intel with which they can get their own business off the ground.

The female market segment

The “Project Runway” product integration is a part of HP’s ongoing efforts to market to fashion-conscious women around the world. The female market is an important segment to reach because of their influence in social circles and their influence over their family’s purchase decisions. HP has been at the forefront of fusing fashion and technology since unveiling the HP Mini Vivienne Tam “digital clutch” notebook on the catwalk of Tam’s 2008 fashion show at New York Fashion Week. Models walked down the runway with the peony-adorned Minis at hand, a first on an American runway. HP carries stylish computers to fit every fashionista’s style and mobility needs, and now, with the “Project Runway” integration, consumers will see how HP is transforming the fashion design process.

"Technology is what's next in fashion design," said Barbara Schneeweiss, vice president of production and development for TV and feature films at The Weinstein Company, which owns the show, in a statement. "Forward-thinking designers are exploring new ways to use technology in the design process."

Vivienne Tam co-hosts

In addition to HP’s ongoing product integration, on March 25th 2010, an HP and Intel-dedicated episode of the show will air. Vivienne Tam will co-host alongside Tim Gunn and star as a guest judge in this episode. HP technology will play a significant role in the episode’s challenge.

HP already has a strong presence on the show’s website, showcasing products, sharing exclusive show content and announcing a viewer sweepstakes.

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  • Stip
  • Hmmm... merging fashion and tech is definitely the trend. MIT
    media lab has been experiementing wearable computers for a while.

    Also there are several different attempts on wearable display...
    make sure you check out lumalive.com by Philips.

    Love ya!
  • mediafreakdi
  • I checked out Lumalive.
    This is absolutely amazing! :)
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