Taking a vacation in sunny San Francisco and visiting some old college friends....(after 10 years!!!)
I love this beautiful city! It's got all the elements you've ever wanted for a city.
This picture is Diana visiting Berkeley and doing some vintage clothes shopping!!!!
I've got some really cute vintage dresses!!~~~ Lovin' them!

Some Bay Scenary in San Francisco!! The wind is blowing hard~~

By the Museum of Art..... Beautiful place for wedding photo shoot~

Eating the most delicious crepe I've ever eaten in Japanese town.

In front of all the yachts and beautiufl houese....
I love this city!!!


黛安娜與小路克 還有把拔的一家生活日記

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  • xyz
  • how long are you staying in the US?
  • only until tomorrow~:)
  • Bachelor# 3.14
  • should have stay longer... there are a lot more fun places than SF.
  • b3
  • feel sad that you are leaving so soon.
  • b3
  • please stay a bit longer...
  • 悄悄話