So FINALLY I went to see "Julie and Julia".
After reading the book, it just felt like you MUST see it. It's one of those movies with all sorts of delicious gourmet good that you've just got to "see it"
so that you can actually "believe it". Well not so much to "believe it", but the delicacy of cooking is definitely some eye candy that you don't want to miss. It's like reading the book "The devil wears Prada", after reading the rhetorical descriptions of all the beautiful clothes (and shoes!!! and bags!!! and belts!!! and .. and ... and ... and ...), you've just got to see the movie to REALLY see the brand name high-fashion couture.

THAT, is a MUST: Seeing is Believing, but of course, the pictures are just so endearing to female audiences.

So, back to Julie and Julia. Reading the book, it's rather an easy read, because it's just Julie's memoir where she discovered the beauty of "Mastering
the Arts of cooking" by Julia Child. By "beauty", I not only meant that she had cooked delicious food for her husband and friends, found herself a
hobby that she can embrace herself with after a long day of work, but rather a wonderful journey of self-search with the great companionship of the master of cookery--Julia Child.

But why do I find myself interested in Julie's memoir? Is it just because she writes with great humor that I am exceptionally fond of?
Or, is it because that there's this link between me and Julie? Like Julie found in Julia?

OK, so let's face it. Julie was almost 30--which Diana is almost 30.
Julie was working at a secretarial job which she hated--guess what? Diana is not very far from that position!
Julie was finding herself achiving nothing, while her friends seemed to be overly successful with their career life--hmmmm. Diana feels the same.
Julie was trying to accomplish something to make herself worthwhile (The cooking project)--Diana is working on a project as well. (though, this is a secret that can only be revealed at later chapters)
Julie owns a blog, and guess what!! Diana is a blogger too! (Even though she slacks off a lot more often)

and there're more resemblances, I tell ya!!!

The only differences would be that:
Julie has already accomplished her goals, and became a very famous writer, and her book made the big screen too!!
Where Diana is still no where.

Oh and one more difference, Julie was married to Eric, the "Saint" husband.
Where Diana is still no where.

I know this would be a phase of my life too. Like Julie, I know things would turn around for me as well.
All I have to do, is to stick to my project, and get it done with no reservations!

And, we'll see how it goes in my later chapters.

So... audiences, please stay tuned!!! I'll be right back. ^^

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  • Thank you for the encouragement!!
    It's good to have something positive said to me these days!
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